Sep 11, 2018

Coastal Communities Gather Bottled Water Ahead of Hurricane Florence

Stores across the East Coast are running out of bottled water as Hurricane Florence approaches

Residents prepare for Hurricane Florence with bottled water
Residents prepare for Hurricane Florence with bottled water

As Hurricane Florence nears the East Coast, residents are stocking up on bottled water in anticipation of power outages and other water quality concerns the storm may bring. The storm is expected to hit North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia late Sept. 13 or early Sept 14. While mandatory evacuation orders have been ordered in coastal areas, those who are choosing to stay or are in vulnerable locations near the coast have been preparing for the storm.

Already, grocery stores are facing a shortage of bottled water as residents prepare for the storm’s arrival. A Home Depot employee in Wilmington, N.C., told CNN that the store was completely out of water, plywood, generators, flashlights, propane, batteries and 5-gal gas cans.



Residents with well water are at a particular risk, as contaminated floodwaters can damage water quality and power outages can impact access. However, Jennifer Frost, a spokesperson for Charlotte (N.C.) Water, told the Charlotte Observer that residents using city water faced little risk of disruption to service.

“We’ve built a great deal of redundancy into the system,” Frost said. “Everything is set and ready to go.”

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughn agreed with Charlotte Water’s statement, saying in a tweet: