Jul 31, 2015

Company to Donate Bottled Water to Children's Hospitals

The bottled water comes from an aboveground source

SNO bottled water children's hospital

SNO is donating its bottled glacier water to children's hospitals nationwide, starting with the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Fla. The water has high oxygen content, zero nitrates and other natural pure qualities, making it ideal for for kids and expectant moms. Unlike other bottled waters coming from below ground, SNO comes from above ground and is less likely to be contaminated.

It also was shown to be a water whose natural taste children prefer, according to taste tests conducted by the not-for-profit organization, Kid Critics.

"Because of its glacier pure pedigree, parents will also have much less to worry about," the company said. Because SNO bottled water comes from above ground, it's unlikely to be contaminated as opposed to water coming from reservoirs or underground sources, which have increasing levels of nitrates and other contaminants.

Citing how several supermarket chains recently had to recall their branded bottled water in California due to potential E. coli contamination, importers of SNO Glacier Water from Iceland suggest maybe it's time to drink water from above ground like SNO, now sold in many supermarkets in California, including Bristol Farms, Safeway and at other locations throughout the U.S.