Flint Mayor Advocates for Continued State-Funded Bottled Water

Following Gov. Rick Snyder’s announcement to discontinue state-funded bottled water distribution, the Flint Mayor is determined to challenge the decision

Flint Mayor asked Michigan governor to continue bottled water distribution

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver has requested a meeting with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to request an extension of state-funded bottled water distribution for the residents of Flint, Mich. Weaver’s request comes in light of an April 6 announcement by Snyder’s administration to end the bottled water distribution for residents impacted by lead contamination and the Flint water crisis. Snyder said that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) tests have consistently revealed lead levels below the federal level of 15 ppb for nearly two years.

Snyder has proposed providing support of Flint residents in other ways, including a greater focus on health, education and economic development, according to MLive. The state will continue to make water filters available to Flint residents, but the bottled water distribution, which costs the state an average of $22,000 per day, will be coming to an end when supplies run out.

Weaver has called the move “insensitive to the people” in a new conference April 9 after the decision was released. Weaver’s primary concern is that lead will seep into the water system during lead service line replacement, as reported by The Detroit News.

“We’re not asking for water forever,” Weaver said. “We’re asking for water until we got through the lead service line replacement and everybody knew the time frame. It would take us three years.” She further said that the city is ahead of schedule and expects to finish lead service line replacement by the end of 2019.

Meanwhile, Snyder has called the current quality of Flint water the same or better than similar cities. At 4 ppb, he said the city’s water quality, “is superior to Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee and Philadelphia.”

Snyder’s office has said they are working to find a time for Snyder and Weaver to meet and further discuss state-funded services to the city of Flint.