Dec 07, 2017

Michigan Considers Ending Free Bottled Water in Flint

The Mayor of Flint, however, has some objections

Flint, Mich., considers ending bottled water distribution

Michigan state officials met Nov. 6 to discuss the recovery of Flint, Mich., water quality and the possibility of ending bottled water distribution in the town. Rich Baird, adviser to Gov. Rick Snyder, said that if water quality tests taken this month are equal to or better than earlier test results the government will stop funding bottled water distribution in January.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, however, disagreed with Baird’s recommendation. In a statement released after the meeting Weaver said, "While I am glad that water quality in Flint continues to improve, as it relates to lead, I still have concerns about the PODs closing and free bottled water no longer being provided to Flint residents. I need to hear from the medical and public health professionals on this issue first. This is a public health issue, and I am taking my lead, my direction, from the medical community."

The number of bottled water distribution sites has decreased from nine to four in recent months. Weaver aims to keep those four distribution sites open for members of the community that remain distrustful of their water quality.