Dec 28, 2017

Nestle Lacks Groundwater Extraction Rights in California Forest

The California State Water Board has given Nestle 60 days to submit a compliance plan

Nestle lacks permits for groundwater extraction

Following a two-year investigation, the California State Water Board has concluded that Nestle Waters North America does not have sufficient legal rights to collect groundwater from Strawberry Canyon in the San Bernardino National Forest, Ca. According to the investigation, Nestle has extracted 62.6 million gal of water per year since 1947, however, they only have a legal right to 8.5 million gal.

Additionally, concerns have been raised as to the the bottled water giant’s impact on the ecosystem. The investigations were launched in light of the local newspaper’s, the Desert Sun, 2015 investigation into Nestle Waters water rights. The Desert Sun reporters uncovered that Nestle’s water access permit for the area expired in 1988 and had not been reviewed.

The California State Water Board submitted a letter to Nestle Waters summarizing the report, demanding 60 days to submit a compliance plan, and 90 days to submit an investigation and monitoring plan.