Oct 10, 2017

Nestle Waters Faces Lawsuit

Lawsuit alleges company misrepresents source of its Poland Spring water

Nestle seeks to dismiss lawsuit

Nestle Waters North America announced it is seeking the dismissal of a customer lawsuit alleging the company misrepresented the source of its Poland Spring line of bottled water.

Filed Friday, Stamford-based Nestle Waters’ motion to throw out the complaint centers its argument on an Aug. 28 letter from the Maine Drinking Water Program that said all eight springs in the state that supply Poland Spring constitute spring water sources. The lawsuit, which was filed in August in Connecticut federal court, accuses the company of falsely marketing those sites as natural springs.

“This most recent letter verifies that all eight of the spring water sources are approved in the state of Maine,” Nestle Waters officials said in a statement Oct. 9. “Consumers can be confident in the accuracy of the labels on every bottle of Poland Spring and that Poland Spring is just what it says it is—100% natural spring water. The DWP letter is further validation of this important fact, despite the allegations of opportunistic attorneys in their baseless lawsuits.”

The lawsuit alleges that “not one drop” of Poland Spring’s water comes from such springs in mountains and forests, but instead originates from wells drilled a few feet from the surface in saturated plains and valleys.

At least one of the wells at each of Poland Spring’s six largest groundwater sites are located near polluted sites, the lawsuit said. In recent years, those six areas have together supplied up to 99% of Poland Spring’s water, according to the complaint.