Apr 23, 2015

Niagara Bottling Finalizes Agreement to Install Brine Minimization System

The plant will increase sustainability with a purification system for more than 99% water efficiency

New Logic Neptune Bottling Brine Minimization System

New Logic Research and Niagara Bottling LLC announced the finalization of an agreement to provide a VSEP brine minimization system for a Niagara facility currently being built in the U.S. The system will enable Niagara to further increase its water efficiency to greater than 99% plant-wide.

VSEP's patented vibratory shear mechanism coupled with a filter pack design keeps its membranes free of obstruction, ensuring trouble-free operation even in the face of difficult feed waters like reverse osmosis (RO) brine.

"VSEP is essentially a zero-wastewater purification system that will allow us to bottle 99%+ of the water we draw. Increasing yield makes sense from both a business and sustainability perspective," said Niagara CEO Andy Peykoff II. "This system will make our new facility the most water-efficient purified water bottling plant in the U.S. We're excited to get the system up and running."

In recent years, New Logic has successfully commissioned many systems for RO brine minimization at bottling plants and other industrial and municipal facilities around the world. Drivers for this growth include municipal infrastructure limitations, sustainability mandates, water scarcity and increased regulatory scrutiny of brine discharge.

The VSEP system will be built at New Logic's Emeryville, Calif., manufacturing facility and shipped in stages to Niagara's new facility. Full commissioning will commence later in 2015.