Apr 07, 2015

Oregon Bottled Water Company Enables Infinite Reuse of State Recyclables

The company will manufacture its single-serve bottles from plastic resin produced from recycled beverage containers

EARTH2O ORPET recycling plastic resin beverage containers bottled water

Bottled water company EARTH2O will begin manufacturing its bottles using recycled material sourced from ORPET, a recycling facility located in St. Helens, Ore. This advancement establishes EARTH2O as the first bottled-water company in the country to create a closed-loop manufacturing system that can infinitely reuse Oregon recycled goods.

"EARTH2O's commitment to utilizing only recycled materials from Oregon means we are diverting significantly more waste from our state landfills," said Steve Emery, EARTH2O president and CEO. "This is an important milestone in our long-standing effort to improve the communities where we live, work and play."

Business Oregon, the state's economic development agency, was key in establishing a partnership between EARTH2O and ORPET to transform recycled beverage containers into reusable material that is made into single-serve BPA-free water bottles in the EARTH2O manufacturing facility in Culver, Ore.

ORPET sources used beverage containers from recycling centers across Oregon and then sorts, cleans and converts them into a flake material. The flake is then transported from ORPET to Peninsula Plastics Recycling, where it is ground into resin that is molded into pellets and then shipped to EARTH2O for use in the manufacturing of BPA-free, single-serve water bottles.

"This milestone further demonstrates how Oregon is leading sustainable business through public- private partnerships," said Senator Betsy Johnson. "The more we can come together to innovate how we do business while giving back to the community, the more prosperous we will become, today and into the future."

EARTH2O is one of the first water companies in the U.S. to begin using recycled PET, the BPA-free plastic resin produced from recycled beverage containers. In 2011, EARTH2O became one of the first companies to eliminate cardboard from packaging of single-serve water bottles, eliminating more than 350,000 lb of cardboard waste a year. This year, the company will begin manufacturing bottle caps, further advancing the sustainability of its operations.