May 30, 2014

Bravo Manufactures Atmospheric Water Generator in North America

Manufacturing the machines in North America may give more confidence to consumers

Bravo  Atmospheric Water Generator Prototype Manufacture North America

Bravo Enterprises Ltd. reports that its air to water business, Splash Water For Life has started the process of building a prototype of a newly designed atmospheric water generator (AWG) machine in Canada. The new AWG will combine all the finer points in each of the home and office machines currently manufactured and marketed by Splash Water with a few additions. The new prototype should have the capacity to produce between 15% to 25% more water based on the same relative humidity as previously noted for atmospheric water generating machines and are more bacterial resistant.

Although the AirMax 3000 and AquaPhere X, Y and Z will continue to be part of the selection of atmospheric water harvesters sold to end users around the world by Splash Water, based on market studies, there appears to be some resistance from consumers in Asia to using atmospheric water generators made in Asia.

The objective of the new machine is to have it manufactured in either the U.S. or Canada for export globally. The NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) will be of great benefit for cross border sales between Canada and the U.S. and Mexico.

Although Bravo is marketing several different home and office atmospheric generators, which are currently manufactured in China and Korea, the company said due to the high building and manufacturing standards that North America is known for, manufacturing the machines in North America may give more confidence to consumers who may be concerned about this new technology.