Bravo Offers ‘Blue Solution’ for Water Sustainability

Bravo encourages the use of refillable bottles with the AirMax 3000 rather than pre-bottled water

Bravo Enterprises Ltd.’s Canadian distributor has implemented a sales and educational program with certain Canadian high schools and universities. Because Canada is known for its high drinking water standards, the company chose to start its Water for Tomorrow Campaign there.

Atmospheric water is a water source that is constantly replenished and has not been used to its full potential, according to Bravo. Moisture contained in the atmosphere is a practical water source. The atmosphere contains 3500 cu miles of water, or 0.001% of the earth's total water reservoir volume of 350 million cu miles. Even if all 6.7 billion people on Earth used water from water vapor processors at the rate of 13 gal per day, they would only consume 0.002% of the available atmospheric water.

Bravo's Splash Water For Life "Blue Solution" encourages the use of refillable bottles with the AirMax 3000 rather than bottled water, and will eliminate the 5-gal jugs of water needed for some water coolers.

The company hopes to have every school in the world drinking water from either the AirMax 3000 or AirWell 3000. 

Bravo Enterprises Ltd.

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