Feb 18, 2014

Bravo Sells Water Machines With Online Merchant Platform

The company is expanding its direct-to-consumer sales channels via E-commerce

Bravo Enterprises Ltd. reports that the company has been expanding its direct-to-consumer sales channels via E-commerce. Currently, Bravo's atmospheric machines can be found on multiple platforms and a list of the company's distributors can be found at www.splashwaterforlife.com, including brick and mortar water solution stores. There is a branded Splash Water store based in North Vancouver, BC.

The E-commerce business is a multi-trillion dollar business globally per annum. With an almost endless consumer base, all mid-tier and above merchants are expanding into this rapid growth market place. With Bravo having its own online merchant, atmospheric water generating machines will be even more accessible to the end user worldwide. The AquaPhere and AquaCube machines will be featured as part of the company's product line within the next six to eight weeks as production completes.

"It makes sense that potential consumers from around the world can now purchase the atmospheric water generating machines through Bravo's own online merchant platform www.splashwaterforlife.com," states Jaclyn Cruz, president of Bravo Enterprises Ltd. "With the hose in added benefit in our Air to Water machines, it is an alternative to getting clean drinking water all year round."

Other merchants carrying the machines online are: www.myric.com, www.uswatersystems.com, www.eartheasy.com and www.firefoxsolutions.com.