Bravo Water Technologies Promote Products in Canada

The company’s AirMax 3000 is on display in several Canadian science pavilions

Bravo Enterprises Ltd. Canada atmospheric water harvesters AirMax 3000

Bravo Enterprises Ltd.’s Canadian distributor, Splash Water Solutions Canada Ltd., has made progress in generating awareness of the company's technologies and products in Canada.

In addition to providing the first showroom platform to showcase the company's atmospheric water harvesting machines, the Canadian distributor has arranged for the AirMax 3000 to be on display in several science pavilions in Canada. These pavilions include Science World in Vancouver and World of Science in Edmonton.

"In order to educate the world with atmospheric water technology, which is essentially capturing water from the air and converting it to drinking water, the company will endeavor to continue to set up alliances with educational facilities to achieve this goal," said Jaclyn Cruz, president of Bravo Enterprises.

The company is moving forward with setting up its new Web domains and in keeping with its plans to re-brand its existing product line for expansion in global markets. The name "AquaPhere" evokes the image of water from the atmosphere, which is exactly how the company's atmospheric water technology works. The name "AquaResponse" will be used in the company's marketing campaigns directed toward international disaster relief, military and governmental contracts and charitable foundations.

Bravo Enterprises Ltd.

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