Brita Offers Water Coolers to Homes and Offices

Brita based in Oakland, Calif., has recently added Brita Water Coolers to its family of pitcher and faucet mount products.

"The coolers are an exciting addition to our family of products," says Kara Lemke from Brita. "For the first time, people can have hot filtered Brita water in addition to cold filtered water."

Brita Water Coolers are certified by NSF International, the nation's leading independent test lab for the certification of water filtration products to remove 98 percent of lead and reduce sediment and chlorine taste that may be found in tap water. In addition, all Brita systems have been tested and verified to remove only a trace amount of fluoride over the life of a filter.

Three models are available, designed to meet individual usage needs: An electronic touch pad style cooler allows temperature control of hot and cold taps, and also includes a hot water tap safety feature. A version with the preset hot and cold water combination is also available. A third version features a cold and room temperature water combination.

Brita Water Coolers will be available this Fall at mass merchandisers such as Target and warehouse clubs such as BJs.

Brita Products Company

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