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Dear readers, welcome to the 2005-2006 Water Quality Products Annual Buyer’s Guide. I’m sure many of you are familiar with our Buyer’s Guide and have used it to track the most reputable suppliers and innovative products in the water treatment industry.

Every year a number of companies go through consolidations, mergers and acquisitions. As a result, some of these companies are no longer listed while others have expanded their products and services. This is why we have worked hard to ensure that our new Buyer’s Guide edition offers one of the most current and complete sources of supplier- and product-related information available in the water industry today.

The 2005-2006 Buyer’s Guide consists of four sections designed to service your buying needs—the Product Directory, Supplier Directory, Product Guide and suppliers’ Website Profiles.

The Product Directory starts on page 40 and offers a comprehensive list carefully organized by category of water treatment products and services and the companies that supply them. The Supplier Directory on page 62 consists of an alphabetical list of company names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers and website addresses. Our Product Guide and Website Profiles sections (pages 18 and 36) are designed to be your extensive industry resource of innovative products and services offered by selected reputable suppliers on the market.

Once again, we have put together some interesting information. Page 6 begins our special editorial section dedicated to what you, the readers of Water Quality Products, request the most—valuable business, marketing and sales advice.

Careful editorial surveys have shown us that sales, marketing and business management are some of the major challenges facing water companies today. Therefore, we believe you will find our editorial section very valuable in assisting you with your business plans and needs. The section opens with G.A. “Andy” Marken’s column, which offers advice on how to choose and work with a PR agency. Next is Carl Davidson’s column, which advises you on the importance of earning and keeping customer respect. And last but not least, John Schulte’s marketing column offers eight steps that will help you get free press.

In addition, we have gathered a complete list of industry associations and agencies (page 12) that you can refer to throughout the year for valuable updates on industry standards, regulations, news, tradeshows and conferences.

Finally, keep in mind that as new technologies and suppliers emerge on the water treatment market throughout the year, we will continue to update our online Buyer’s Guide listings, which you can view at

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