BWT 2000 Turnover: $ 371.6 million, 62.7% up from the previous year

During the year 2000, consolidated group turnover increased by 62.7%, from $ 228.4 million to $ 371.5 million. The main drivers behind this significant turnover increase, which makes the BWT Group into one of the largest water technology groups world wide, are a gratifying growth rate of 19.1% in the Aqua Ecolife Technologies division, as well as the first full consolidation of Christ Group in which BWT AG holds the majority of shares with a 51% stake.

When adjusting for the group turnover generated by Christ, turnover growth amounted to +13.1% over the previous year, and was thus above expectations (+11.1%).

With 2,510 employees, The BWT Group’s internationalisation is becoming increasingly dynamic.

BWT — Best Water Technology Group of Companies — has been actively engaged in working towards achieving dynamic growth in the water markets of Europe and overseas. The past, too, saw revolutionary developments being made at the BWT research laboratories. AQA total, the first lime scale protection technology using no salt and enjoying worldwide recognition; AQA total plus and the FuMA fuel cell membrane exhibiting unique performance data, are all well-known in the European markets and have resulted in international recognition for the BWT Group. These unique innovations are of course motivation for the inspired BWT research and development team to continue to develop new modern basic technologies, bearing in mind the BWT goal "optimisation of economy and ecology".

Outlook for 2001

BWT continues its internationalisation path on the basis of the "BWT Global-2000-Strategy" which was presented in the autumn of the year 2000. BWT follows its vision of being a leading international water technology group by remaining focussed on three growth areas:

  1. Aqua Ecolife Technologies: Water treatment becomes essential in every household, on a par with the television set, the dishwasher and the PC. The AQA TOTAL product line and other products will be distributed through its subsidiary BWT USA based in Vista, California.

  2. Aqua Systems Technologies: A modular components system for drinking, ultra pure, process and waste water treatment in industry and municipalities. This system particularly addresses the needs of the electronics and semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, energy, beverage and food industries.
  3. Fuel Cell Membrane Technologies: The "High Performance Membrane" made by BWT’s subsidiary FuMA-Tech is the centrepiece of the fuel cell, the energy source of the 3rd millennium.
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