Calcium Water in the U.S. Gains Distribution

Latest Debut at Natural Products Expo East Show in D.C.

Sanfaustino, the Calcium Water, announced its participation in the upcoming Natural Products Expo East Show in Washington, D.C. In making the announcement, the Company indicated that it has recently achieved national distribution for this unique, all- natural product, having blanketed the natural and gourmet foods markets with the only bottled water in America that meets the FDA's requirements for a "Good Source of Calcium."

Sanfaustino is currently available in over 500 gourmet and health food stores nationwide, as well as supermarket chains such as Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Shaw's, and Kowalski's (MN). The Company's distribution network includes the recently added UNFI East (with distribution centers in NH, CT, PA, and GA) and UNFI Midwest, as well as Haddon House, Millbrook, Gourmet Award Foods Midwest, European Imports in the Midwest, Nature's Best (CA) and Jordano's in Central California.

Commenting on the Company's rollout strategy, Alan S. Gever, CEO of CCW Holdings, North American importer of Sanfaustino indicated, "With so many Americans concerned about getting enough calcium in a balanced diet, beginning distribution of Sanfaustino in natural and gourmet food channels made perfect sense. The number of stores that carry Sanfaustino has risen dramatically, in part, due to the growing demands of consumers for easier and better-tasting ways to get their calcium intake, without the usual fat, calorie, sodium, and cholesterol concerns. The marketplace is very open to all-natural ways to add calcium to a balanced diet."

The introduction of Sanfaustino began in the New York City market, where the product is currently available at top retailers, including Food Emporium, Fairway, Dean & Deluca, Gristede's, Grace's Market Place, Balducci's, Agata & Valentina, and Gourmet Garage. Sanfaustino is also available in hotels such as the Mark Hotel in New York.

Retailers attribute the success of the water to one of its key selling points: Drinking eight glasses of lightly effervescent Sanfaustino provides up to 80% of the adult calcium RDA - without the fat, calories, carbs and sodium that come with other calcium sources.


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