Calculator to Estimate Ion Exchange Resin Requirements for Boron Removal Now Available

Purolite releases public version of boron calculator to its website

Purolite released on Aug. 24 a version of their proprietary boron calculator to the general public. This calculator estimates the ion exchange resin requirements for boron removal from ground, potable, process and waste waters with low to moderate total dissolved solids.

“The release of this calculator will enable our customers to quickly estimate the requirements and feasibility of removing boron from their water streams. Boron has been determined to be a health, environmental and in some cases an operational hazard, even at low levels,” said Purolite Director of Applied Technologies Francis Boodoo.

Purolite’s boron calculator is a simple to use tool requiring the minimum of inputs to estimate ion exchange resin requirements necessary to remove boron. It is found on in the Resource Center section. The boron calculator is also supplied at no cost and provides a summary printout of the input data and calculated requirements.


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