Oct 21, 2013

California Contractors State License Board Reviews C-55

CSLB confirms that all water conditioning contractors must be licensed

CSLB C-55 Trade Exam Contractors

The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) completed its five-year exam review of the C-55 water conditioning license, and the trade exam has been updated. 

Upon subsequent discussions, CSLB confirmed that all water conditioning contractors must be licensed, regardless of whether contractors install equipment themselves or have the equipment installed by a different licensed contractor (i.e. C-55 water conditioning or C-36 plumbing). According to CSLB, an unlicensed contractor is involved in "unlicensed activity," which is "unacceptable and a violation of California Business and Professions Code 7114 and 7118." Regarding a licensed contractor doing work for unlicensed contractors, CSLB stated that "any unlicensed activity or aiding and abetting should be reported to our enforcement office so that we may address it." All Pacific Water Quality Assn. (PQWA) members should review their individual business practices to ensure that they are compliant with CSLB policies and state of California law.

The water conditioning industry is having a continuing dialog with the CSLB. As additional information or license usage clarification becomes known, PQWA will inform members accordingly.