Apr 01, 2013

California Lawmakers Tout Third-Party Certification Bill

California state legislators address the state's drinking water

California Third-Party Certification Bill Drinking Water

A number of California state legislators included the bill for third-party certification as part of a package designed to provide clean drinking water.

Nine bills were highlighted by the lawmakers, all of them part of a program to address the state's drinking water crisis.

"Having a reliable, clean water source is not an option; it's a vital necessity to the health, safety and economic growth of our state's population and economy," said assembly member Rudy Salas. "We must consolidate and eliminate the bureaucratic barriers that prevent communities … from accessing funds and resources to clean up local water supplies."

The Water Quality Assn. (WQA) has been working with the Pacific Water Quality Assn. to help move California from state certification to third-party certification. Such a change would move products more quickly onto the market. There are some conditions to the bill, such as fees and Internet posting requirements.

More information on the bills is available on assembly member Luis Alejo's website.