Aug 20, 2014

California Legislature Approves $7.5 Billion Water Bond

New bond invests in local water supply projects, groundwater storage and safe drinking water

California Legislature $7.5 Million Water Bond Gov. Jerry Brown NRDC

With California Gov. Jerry Brown’s support, the state legislature approved, on a bipartisan basis, a $7.5 billion water bond that would provide clean drinking water for disadvantaged communities and provide $1.5 billion for water recycling, storm water capture, water efficiency and other local water supply projects.

The bond provides substantial funding to restore watersheds across the state, including the Los Angeles River, San Joaquin River and Salton Sea. It also provides as much as $3.6 billion in funding for groundwater storage and cleanup projects.

The bond does not provide funding for the controversial Bay Delta Conservation Plan. Surface storage projects like Temperance Flat and raising Shasta Dam are likely ineligible for funding and would have to compete for funding against more cost-effective groundwater recharge projects.