Jan 14, 2014

California Releases Product Registration Information

Documents are available for download from the WQA website

California Product Registration Information Assembly Bill 119

Following the passage of California's Assembly Bill 119, which allows for the third-party certification of water treatment products in the state of California, the water industry has been awaiting details on the implementation of the new law. In late December, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released four documents containing important information for companies seeking to register products in the state of California for 2014. CDPH has provided guidance on the main steps in maintaining registration of currently listed products and the process for adding new products to the listing. These documents, which are available for download from the Water Quality Assn. (WQA) website, include: 

  1. The official CDPH letter regarding registration of water treatment devices in the state of California;
  2. The application for registration of a water treatment device in the state of California;
  3. An unofficial list of water treatment devices valid in California as of year-end 2013; and
  4. A worksheet summarizing the information required for registration of a product in California.

The release of these documents represents the beginning of the implementation of California's new program, which took effect Jan. 4, 2014. While many questions about the intricate details of the program's implementation remain unanswered, CDPH is working diligently to address issues raised by WQA and other industry stakeholders. WQA expects to receive further guidance from CDPH soon and will continue to update its members as more information comes to light.

Questions about third-party certification in California may be directed to Kimberly Redden, WQA regulatory and technical affairs coordinator, at 630.505.0160 or [email protected].