California Startup Creates Solution for Contaminated Water

The Evo Eau reusable water bottle filters up to 99% of contaminants from tap water

Evo Eau Bottled Water Filter IndieGoGo

Evo Eau — a reusable water bottle that filters up to 99% of contaminants from municipally supplied tap water — is now available through IndieGoGo.

Evo Eau ("Evo" represents evolution and change; "Eau" is French for water) came to life after founder, Scott Moore discovered that there was a major problem with the safety of tap water during a bicycling trip through California’s San Joaquin Valley. "Residents were told to boil their tap water due to chromium 6 contamination; that isn't enough," said Moore.

Moore started Evo Eau to create tools that turn contaminated water into safe, drinkable water for everyone around the world. "I saw a need for a stylish and functional filtering water bottle that anyone can use. This bottle easily meets day-to-day hydration needs and allows the user access to any municipal water source: a sink, faucet, spigot or fountain, transforming it into great tasting, clean water instantly while you drink."

Many filtering water bottles only conform to NSF42 standards, which only ask for filters to remove 50% of chlorine from water. Some do not even conform to those standards, and bottled water companies are held to even fewer standards. A recent study by the National Resources Defense Council stated that there was no guarantee that bottled water is any cleaner than tap water and estimates that up to 25% of bottled water may just merely be "tap water in a bottle."

Evo Eau is currently looking to raise funds for their initial product run via the IndieGoGo website.

Evo Eau

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