California Supreme Court Rules in Favor of San Gabriel Valley Residents in Water Contamination Suit

Law Firm Represents Residents in Suit Against Industrial Polluters and Water Companies

The California Supreme Court unanimously ruled today in favor of San Gabriel Valley residents who are suing industrial polluters and water companies over alleged contamination of water supplies. The Court's ruling protects the residents' right to bring suit against the defendants claiming violations of federal and state drinking water standards. In addition to claims regarding violations of water standards, the plaintiffs are also permitted to bring suit against the industrial contaminators and public water companies in claims ranging from property damage, personal injury and in some cases wrongful death.

Rose, Klein & Marias partner David Rosen argued Hartwell Corporation vs. Superior Court (Santamaria) before the California Supreme Court. The precedent-setting ruling was hailed as "a victory for water users in the San Gabriel area and for water consumers all over the state," according to Mr. Rosen.

Defendants include not only 20-30 industrial companies, which allegedly dumped contaminants into the groundwater, but also a number of water companies.

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