Jun 06, 2012

California Third-Party Certification Bill Rejected

A legislative sub-committee rejected a bill May 31 that would have switched the state-run certification to a third-party process

The Water Quality Assn.’s (WQA) efforts to stop state certification in California in favor of third-party product certification were confronted with some legislative issues.

In April, WQA earned the support of the California Department of Public Health for a bill to switch from state-run product certification to third-party certification, which would speed up the process, according to WQA.

The legislative sub-committee responsible for the bill rejected it May 31. WQA said it was given no warning, no reasons were given and it did not receive an opportunity to testify.

Many of the governor's other proposals were also rejected.

In an e-mail release, WQA Executive Director Dave Haataja said WQA would implement a plan to recover the bill.