The Call Back Commitment

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What is a call back? It is a structured visit to customers who have recently purchased your equipment that cements your relationship and is the absolute best source of referrals. Because of the opportunity for referrals, good call backs on every sale can easily double your sales.

Successful Call Backs

The first step in making call backs successful is to make a commitment to doing them. Do not do them in your spare time or when you have nothing else to do, because that is never going to happen. Be sure to enter a date in your calendar when you will call every customer to set up their call back.

When you call the customer, be ready to tell them why you do call backs and what you will be bringing. For example, “While I’m there, I’ll check to make sure all your equipment is working properly, answer your questions and drop off a thank-you gift for your family.”

Make sure you sell them on the fact that there are benefits in them having you call back.

Call Back Basics

Once you are there, do some of the same tests you did to sell them the equipment and show them their equipment is working. For example, do a TDS test with their tap water and water from their new reverse osmosis system. Ask them to agree that the new system is providing the kind of water they wanted for their family. Answer any questions, of course.

Then, one interesting test to show them is to ask them to do a load of laundry without adding soap to the water. When the washer fills with water and begins to agitate a little, shut it off and open the lid. The washing machine is usually filled with suds as if they had added soap. Where did the soap come from? It came from their clothes; they have been wearing soap and that causes itchy skin, rashes and premature wearing of clothing. Ask them if they are happy they invested in better water.

Then, ask them if any of their friends or relatives have come by and had a cup of coffee, tea or water. Ask what their reaction was.

Once they tell you a friend or relative loved their water, it is easy to say, “I hate to see them drinking from the tap. What is their name and number? I’ll give them a call and see if they would like better water, too.” This approach eliminates the awkward step of begging customers for “anyone they know” whom you can call. It makes call backs profitable and it is a softer approach to getting referrals.

Worth the Work

Referrals are what make water equipment sales so profitable. If you sell 10 systems per month and you get two referrals from each, that means you have 20 hot leads to call per month. On average, you will get about 10 appointments and sell three extra sales the next month. That’s a 30% increase just from doing call backs and asking for referrals.

You may be asking, “If this is so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?” I agree; it is a puzzle. It’s like the saying, “Traffic is awfully light on the extra mile.” Some are too busy with non-moneymaking activities to change, some are afraid to try and some want to fail. The real question is, why aren’t you doing it?

I hope this article will give you the courage and incentive to try it and see for yourself that great call backs are an easy way to get referrals and to build your sales.

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