Call for Papers

Effects of water conditioning wastewater on performance of onsite wastewater treatment

Post-conference Session of the National Onsite Wastewater Annual Technical Education Conference and Exposition: October 10-13, 2005, Cleveland Ohio.

Abstracts Due May 31, 2005

There are two trains of thoughts in the onsite wastewater treatment and the water conditioning industries. The general belief held by the water conditioning industry is that the wastewater generated by the water conditioning unit does not have an effect on the performance of the onsite wastewater treatment system receiving this wastewater. A position advanced by some members in the onsite industry feel that there is an impact to the system; and encourage the property owner not to discharge the water conditioner wastewater into the domestic wastewater stream leaving the house or business. At the same time, there are also different types of wastewaters generated by the water conditioning device which depends on the level of treatment and the type of elements being removed. The USEPA 2000 Manual presented information on this issue but did not provide any recommendations.

Topics to be discussed/presented at the symposium include:

* Water conditioning discussion for non-water conditioning professionals engaged in the onsite industry.

* Onsite discussion for non-onsite professionals engaged in water conditioning industry.

* Research papers related to influence of water chemistry adjustments on onsite system processes.

* Development of current research needs related to the influence of water chemistry adjustments on onsite system processes.

Individuals interested in participating in this forum with a presentation should provide the following information.

* Name of Presenter.

* Affiliation of Presenter.

* Address of Presenter.

* Phone number and e-mail address of Presenter.

* Abstract/Presentation Title.

- Title

- 200-300 words description of the proposed paper and presentation - do not send PowerPoint or the full text of the paper.

* Short biography that includes education degrees and description of experience as it related to the water conditioning and/or onsite industry.

Send all abstracts to James C. Converse via Debby Sumwalt ([email protected])

E-mail attachment preferred or by fax to 608-262-112. Deadline: May 31, 2005

A PDF of this Call for Papers is available at WQA’s website, home page story "Call For Papers - Onsite Waste".

Water Quality Association

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