May 29, 2012

Campaign Asks Men to Skip Shaving to Conserve Water

Actor Nick Offerman helps lead the charge by asking both men and women to join the effort

Shave or save? That is the question Budweiser is asking men across the country to consider each morning as they pick up their razors, for with every shave a man skips, he will save roughly 5 gal of water. The initiative is part of Budweiser's "Grow One. Save a Million." water conservation campaign leading up to World Environment Day on Tuesday, June 5. 

For the second year in a row, actor Nick Offerman is serving as the campaign's spokesperson.

"Contrary to my usual philosophy, by doing nothing, you can actually do something," Offerman said. "Put down your razor. Step away from the sink. And know that by shaving a few minutes from your morning routine, you're also saving the planet."

Women can get involved by asking a guy to "grow one" on their behalf. Both men and women can take additional pledges to shorten their showers and/or turn off the faucet while brushing their teeth. Consumers 21 and older can visit Budweiser's Facebook page to join Offerman in making a pledge and invite their friends to do the same. Participants can commit to a range of options, from a few days to multiple weeks, as well as upload photos of their stubble and full-grown beards to the Grow One Photo Booth. 

As part of its annual recognition of World Environment Day, Budweiser will again donate $150,000 to River Network to help support watershed conservation projects in each of the company's brewery cities, as well as Oklahoma City and Idaho Falls, Idaho.

World Environment Day is a day set aside by the United Nations to create awareness of the environment and encourage participation in sustainability programs.