Jun 24, 2015

Campaign Helps Californians Understand Benefits of Low-Flow Toilets

The state is under an executive order to reduce water usage by 25% through February 2016

Zurn Industries toilet California drought water restrictions

As part of its Stand Up for the Earth initiative, Zurn Industries LLC is launching a campaign to educate Californians about how much water they can save through the use of its water-efficient products.

A website resource dedicated specifically for building owners, facility maintenance professionals, architects, engineers, regulators, municipalities and the company's own distribution partners addresses water efficiency and the numerous solutions it offers.

California is experiencing the worst drought in its history and, as of June 1, 2015, the state is under an executive order to reduce water usage by 25% through February 2016 compared to 2013 usage.

“The California requirement to reduce water usage by 25% is a difficult threshold for businesses and homeowners,” siad Robert Carter, go to market strategy and training manager for Zurn, “but people in any state should know that there is proven Zurn technology available that can help them significantly reduce their water usage.”

Bill Gauley, P.E., principal of Gauley Associates Ltd. in Ontario, Canada, recently said Zurn may have triggered a “watershed moment” for acceptance of low-flow toilets with the introduction of the Zurn High Efficiency Toilet and Carrier paired performance system for new construction applications in January 2015.

“Zurn’s new carrier system is designed to reduce energy losses as water transitions from the bowl to the drain piping, resulting in a significantly longer waste carry distance than other systems,” said Gauley, who visited a Zurn facility in March 2015 to observe a demonstration of the new system. “This clearly is a significant advancement for acceptance of low-flow systems.”