Jun 13, 2016

Canada & Wisconsin Companies Form Partnership

LuminUltra and Microbe Detectives provide microbiological monitoring services together

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LuminUltra, a New Brunswick, Canada, microbiological monitoring and control solutions company, and Microbe Detectives LLC, a Wisconsin-based applied metagenomics services for water and wastewater systems company, announced a multi-year partnership.

Through the partnership, the two companies will combine their services to provide a commercial offering that can measure and monitor microbiological concentration in real time and also identify microorganisms found in water and in what relative proportion. This information will make clear to water system operators why control was lost and how to prevent future problems. This combined solution, which can mitigate risk and reduce costs for customers in the drinking water, wastewater and manufacturing industries, will be available through LuminUltra’s existing sales and distribution channels.

“Microbiological contamination of water processes can have a number of negative impacts, including infrastructure deterioration, poor product quality, environmental contamination and human health risks,” said Pat Whalen, CEO of LuminUltra. “Over the past 13 years, LuminUltra has been providing a solution that enables a more proactive approach to solving such problems. We believe that Microbe Detectives’ advanced metagenomics testing and reporting services will add significant value to our customers in helping to not only solve problems when they arise, but also prevent future occurrences.”

LuminUltra provides real-time, onsite microbiological monitoring and control products and services based on the company’s second-generation adenosine triphosphate technology. This technology provides a fast and accurate means of quantifying total microbiological activity in water and wastewater processes, allowing operators to take real-time action to mitigate microbiological problems. When microbiological activity is detected above prescribed thresholds, Microbe Detectives can apply next-generation DNA sequencing technology and proprietary methods to identify the microorganisms present, organize them based on their functional properties in a given application and show the relative proportions of specific microorganism types present.

“The water microbiome is a fascinating, very important and largely unexplored world,” said John Tillotson, CEO of Microbe Detectives. “This new partnership will empower innovators in water with an unprecedented opportunity to gain new insights and advance the performance of their products and systems with a single-source solution.”