Nov 19, 2012

Canada's Ambassador to Angola Supports Drinking Water Stations

Quest Water works to deliver clean, potable water to rural communities in Angola

Angola Quest Water Global Inc Canada Drinking Water

Quest Water Global Inc., a water technology company and developer of the AQUAtap Community Drinking Water Station and WEPS Water Extraction and Purification System, announced that the government of Canada has offered its support to the company as it works with the Ministry of Industry in Angola to deliver clean, potable water to rural communities in that country.

In a letter issued this week to Kiala Ngone Gabriel, secretary of state for industry in Angola, Lisa Stadelbauer, Canada's ambassador to Angola, stated, "The Government of Canada is in support of [Quest Water] and its efforts to assist in bringing potable water to all Angolans. We hope that the Ministry of Industry will move quickly to execute an agreement with Quest Water Solutions, so that the goals of the Water for All program can be realized very soon."

"We have been working closely with Angolan officials to finalize an agreement with the government and to lay out Quest Water's business operations in Angola," said John Balanko, CEO and president of Quest Water Global. "We believe receiving this public support for the AQUAtap from the Canadian government will help further instill confidence within the Angolan government in Quest Water and [its] ability to deliver our technology, and most importantly to assist those rural communities in desperate need of clean drinking water."

"Quest Water is ready not only to provide these units (the solar-powered AQUAtap Community Drinking Water Stations), but also to establish an assembly plant in Angola to build the units, thereby providing both the water purification systems and much-needed jobs for Angolans in rural communities," Stadelbauer said.

The ambassador has requested a meeting at the earliest opportunity with Gabriel and the newly appointed minister of industry, Bernarda Goncalves Martins Henriques da Silva, to discuss the Water for All program and how Canadian expertise can assist Angola in meeting the goals of the program.