Canadian Beverage Assn. Responds to Teachers Organization's Proposed Bottled Water Ban

Association says bottled water provides a healthy, safe and important source of hydration

The Canadian Beverage Assn. believes maintaining proper hydration is essential to Ontarians' health; and bottled water is healthy, safe and an important source of hydration.

The Canadian Beverage Assn. strongly supports access to a safe drinking water supply and believes that it should not be a question of either municipal water or bottled water; rather, there is a place for both based on a consumer's need throughout the day.

"Bottled water does not compete with tap water; rather, bottled water competes with other bottled beverages," said Jim Goetz, president of the Canadian Beverage Assn. "We believe that people have the right to choose the hydration option that meets their needs and preferences, whether that is tap or bottled water or a combination of both."

Bottled water is regulated by Health Canada, and the beverage industry's facilities are inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Members test water for quality and safety before production each hour during production and at the end of production.

Bottled water bottles are 100% recyclable. Total PET non-alcoholic beverage containers account for less than 0.5% of all waste produced in Canada. The beverage industry's containers are the most-recycled consumer product packaging in Canada. Recycling programs and infrastructure are supported by the industry and its producers in every jurisdiction in Canada.

The Canadian Beverage Assn. and its members provide Canadians with a variety of hydration options, including bottled water. They believe choice, variety and balance in everything we eat and drink are the cornerstones of a balanced diet.

Canadian Beverage Assn.

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