Cashing in on Opportunities in the Residential Water Treatment Equipment Markets

Frost & Sullivan will host an exclusive live briefing Thursday,
September 22 at 3:00 pm EDT to discuss the global demand for residential water treatment equipment, which exceeds $15 billion.

Across the globe, every fourth house has a residential water treatment unit. Frost & Sullivan estimates every second household will have a unit by 2008 and every single household will have a water treatment unit by 2011.

"Out of 550 million urban households, penetration has been less than 22%. There is a huge demand supply gap offering promising opportunities for everyone active in the residential water treatment equipment market," says Sunitha Mysore Gopal, Senior Industry Analyst & Program Manager for Frost &
Sullivan's Water Group.

The briefing will include current and future revenues generated
by residential water treatment equipment globally. It is designed to give industry participants the opportunity to learn more about the underlying trends, which shape current and future trends in the global residential water treatment equipment markets

Frost & Sullivan profiled more than 55 countries, including North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

"This market is growing at 16.5% per annum with global revenues in 2004 exceeding $15 billion, and billing from Asia alone accounted two thirds of the share. So it is time to cash in," says Shilpa Tiku, Industry Analyst for Frost & Sullivan's Water Group.

Highlights include market overview, revenue information on sub segments of the market such as point of entry, point of use counter top, point of use faucet mount, point of use under the sink, point of use pitchers and after market segments.

Frost & Sullivan

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