CEl-Carbon Enterprises Inc. Expands on Ground & Through the Web

Benefits of expanison include more quality control and additional cost savings

CEl-Carbon Enterprises Inc. Expansion Pennsylvania

In October, CEl-Carbon Enterprises Inc. finished the purchase of a new anthracite facility, giving it a permanent home in Hazleton, Pa. According to the company, owning the state-of-the-art facility in Pennsylvania, in addition to operating it, means that there will be benefits for both CEI and its clients. Among these benefits are better quality control and additional cost savings, as well as giving the company a permanent home. Several upgrades are planned for the anthracite manufacturing plant in the near future in order to make the company and its processes more efficient.

CEI also has grown its Web presence to include social media. The company is now on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Google+.

CEl-Carbon Enterprises Inc.

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