Mar 13, 2013

Celebrities Launch New Water Venture With Social Media 'Take Over'

Aquahydrate bottled water launch attracts 2 billion media impressions

Aquahydrate Sean "Diddy" Combs Mark Wahlberg Bottled Water Launch

Mark Wahlberg and Sean "Diddy" Combs launched their newest venture, water brand Aquahydrate. The brand kicked things off with a press conference and has secured 2 billion media impressions thus far.

"We are here to make an impact and show the world we are serious about Aquahydrate," Combs said. "When I commit to something, I put everything I have behind it. Mark and I are very passionate about Aquahydrate and the balance it brings to our lives. Mark my words, we will be number one and I challenge anyone to find a better product!"

"I have believed in this brand from day one, so I am thrilled with the overwhelming response," Wahlberg said. "This is what happens when you've got the right product and the right team behind it. We are excited for the future of Aquahydrate and where we will take things next."

Wahlberg and Combs will continue to be involved in the management of the company, marketing strategies and key retailer visits.