Changing Face of Water Rights to Address Hydraulic Frack Water Recycling

Bill Weathersby of Water Energy Solutions to speak at the 14th Changing Face of Water Rights

Bill Weathersby Energy Water Solutions Fracking 14 Changing Face of Water Rights

The State Bar of Texas is offering the 14th Changing Face of Water Rights, a continuing legal education course at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Feb. 21 to 22. Bill Weathersby, CEO of Energy Water Solutions, a Texas-based oilfield produced water and "frack" water recycling firm, is an invited energy industry speaker. He will speak alongside elected thought leaders on water conservation, and legal and water policy experts from several agencies and professional service firms. The Texas Bar Course participants will receive Weathersby's white paper, entitled "Bringing Groundwater to the Site: Why Qualifying Recycled Water Should be Treated as Groundwater."

Weathersby, an experienced global business and energy executive, is on the panel to address proposed legislative changes currently under review in the Texas Legislature that benefit landowners, energy companies and citizens of Texas. Proposed permitting changes will be presented alongside a summary of current frack water and produced water treatment regulations at Texas Railroad Commission and Texas Commission on Environment Quality. He will summarize other states' regulatory changes, which have streamlined handling of frack flowback and produced water, and made a new source of clean water available for beneficial energy and agricultural use. "Texas is in an incredible position in this legislative session to harness this new source of freshwater for beneficial use and streamline regulations which can lower the cost of energy for all concerns," Weathersby said.

The 14th session of Changing Face of Water Rights also includes several water experts and their topics, including:

  • Texas state Rep. Lyle Larson — Legislative Update;
  • Carlos Rubinstein, commissioner, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality;
  • Thomas G. Mason, Graves Dougherty Hearon and Moody — River Authority Powers and Jurisdiction;
  • Colette Barron Bradsby, Texas Parks and Wildlife — Endangered Species Act Update;
  • Emily Rogers, Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta — Alternative Water Supplies; and
  • Mark L. Walters, Office of the Attorney General of Texas — Perspectives on the Aransas Project vs. Shaw.

Download this Texas Bar Course registration form online here.

Energy Water Solutions

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