Sep 16, 2016

In the Clear

California household uses three-stage filtration system to treat water where chemical softening is banned

A customer who lives in Santa Clarita, Calif. – a geographic area where water softeners have been banned for several years – was seeking a solution to water hardness. The customer was still in possession of a softener and was informed that it had to be removed. The hardness in this area of Los Angeles County is approximately 25 to 30 grains, and most residents need some kind of water conditioning to protect their pipes, water appliances and laundry.

The Solution

Two different systems were proposed: a three-stage system using nucleic-assisted crystallization to break down minerals into harmless nano particles, and United Filters’ Trident three-stage water filtration system, specially configured with the German-manufactured Siliphos scale inhibitor.

The Trident three-stage point-of-entry system was chosen to include the following:

  • Stage one – fast-flow ULTRA-D submicron filter for reduction of dirt, sand, sediment, viruses, bacteria, cysts, lead, other heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Stage two – ULTRA-D submicron filter with powdered activated carbon and bacteriostatic silver (Agion) for reduction of chlorine, chloramines, viruses, bacteria, cysts, lead, other heavy metals, VOCs and trace pharmaceuticals.
  • Stage three – carbon-wrap filter with Siliphos hexapolyphosphate scale inhibitor down the center for reduction of chlorine and scale (calcium and magnesium).

The Results

After three months of usage, the customers report the following:

  • Their water has a pleasant flavor – thus, the filtration has been successful in reducing or removing many of the contaminants in their water. The customer no longer uses bottled water, and uses filtered water for traveling, as well.
  • Water spots (dried from scale in water) are significantly reduced on glassware and shower enclosures, and any spots left are easily wiped off. Normally when scale dries, it is difficult to wipe off.
  • There is no noticeable buildup of scale in the dishwasher or other water appliances.

The Trident three-stage water filtration system is a cost-effective cartridge-style solution that can treat hard water while removing or reducing many contaminants from potable water.

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