Apr 26, 2013

Charity: water Raises $2 Million for Clean Water

Responsys Interact Suite enables record levels of donor engagement

charity:water September Campaign Responsys Interact Suite $2 million

Charity: water, a nonprofit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations, partnered with Responsys Inc., a provider of e-mail and cross-channel marketing solutions, to educate, inspire and engage more than 15,000 supporters and raise more than $2 million for charity: water's 2012 September Campaign. Using the Responsys Interact Suite, charity: water was able to bring a new degree of sophistication and targeting to its e-mail marketing program, which resulted in record levels of donor engagement and money raised for clean water.

"Through smart e-mail segmentation and targeting, the Responsys Interact Suite enabled us to begin building one-to-one relationships with our donors in a way that just isn't possible yet with social media. I strongly believe e-mail marketing had a direct impact on our ability to break the 2012 September Campaign fundraising goal and keep our community connected, informed and energized about raising money for clean water," said Paull Young, director of digital for charity: water.

Each year on Sept. 7, charity: water's birthday, the organization launches the September Campaign, its largest annual fundraising campaign. In each of these annual campaigns, the organization takes on the water crisis in one country. In 2010, it was for projects in the Central African Republic; in 2011, it was to purchase a drilling rig and equipment for partners in northern Ethiopia; and in 2012, it set an aggressive target of raising $1.7 million to support water projects in Rwanda's Rulindo District, which it exceeded by reaching $2,000,527 raised.

For the 2012 September Campaign, Responsys worked with charity: water to transform its e-mail marketing strategy from what had been several mass e-mail blasts to a regular cadence of highly personalized messages dedicated to educating, inspiring and engaging subscribers. Charity: water used the Responsys Interact Suite to target subscribers based on their level of engagement with the e-mails and progress toward their fundraising goals. For example, an e-mail was sent each week to new subscribers and to people who had opened charity: water's e-mail the previous week. Charity: water also delivered weekly newsletter e-mails with campaign updates, inspiring videos and photos from Rwanda, and fundraising tips from active campaigners.

Throughout the September Campaign, e-mail marketing served as charity: water's principal lever for re-activating and encouraging fundraisers to continue their efforts, while at the same time building the foundation for long-term relationships with its donors. Charity: water saw a 21% increase in open rates compared to last year's campaign, plus 58% of people who started a fundraising campaign actively raised funds, compared to 50% in previous years. More importantly, charity: water exceeded its fundraising goal and will help more than 26,000 people in Rwanda get clean water.