Charleston, S.C., Safe Water Nonprofit Aids Malawi Flood Victims

Water Missions Intl. provides disaster relief, safe water for more than 4,000 villagers

Charleston, S.C. Karonga Malawi Flood Victims Water Missions Intl.
Charleston, S.C. Karonga Malawi Flood Victims Water Missions Intl.
Charleston, S.C. Karonga Malawi Flood Victims Water Missions Intl.

Water Missions Intl., in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), has installed safe water solutions for the Mzinga Primary School and Kaporo community in response to the dire need for safe water amidst disaster flooding in Karonga, Malawi. The safe drinking water will help provide protection against many life-threatening diseases, including cholera, typhoid and diarrhea, which have been a severe risk in the aftermath of heavy floods on March 26 and 27. The treatment systems can provide up to 10,000 gal of safe drinking water per day.

The flooding is a result of excessive overflowing of regional rivers and has impacted more than 5,658 residences. Mzinga Primary School and Kaporo are highly impacted areas. In both communities, sanitation and hygiene facilities have been deemed inadequate and most water sources have been rendered unsafe to use, as E. coli and other microbiological contaminants have been found present.

“The probability of death from waterborne diseases is astronomically high in a natural disaster,” said George C. Greene III, Ph.D., P.E., co-founder and CEO of Water Missions Intl. “Our hope is that by providing safe water treatment solutions, we can prevent the outbreak of cholera and similar diseases to ensure a quicker recovery and healthier tomorrow for this disaster-stricken area.”

Water Missions Intl. operates a permanent country program in Malawi and the staff and equipment present, as part of the ongoing program, enabled it to provide assistance by installing a safe water solution in these areas. The solutions feature the same technology used in long-term development projects that have an anticipated service life of 20 years.

Both communities may request that the disaster relief projects transition into permanent community development projects that will benefit wider surrounding communities.

Previously, Water Missions Intl. responded to Karonga earthquake victims in December 2009 and installed a safe water system in the Mulinda community, serving 7,000 people. Made possible through funding from the Friess Family Foundation, the Mulinda disaster response solution has since been transferred to a permanent community development program.

Water Missions Intl.

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