Charleston, W.V., Restaurants Use Bottled Water to Cook, Prep Food lists restaurants that prepare food, cook and clean with bottled water

The Bell Law Firm PLLC Charleston North Carolina Restaurants Bottled Water

As part of its ongoing initiative to empower Charleston, W.V., residents still affected by January’s water contamination disaster, the Bell Law Firm PLLC is providing a list of area restaurants using bottled water on its website.

The list of restaurants was initially compiled by nonprofit organization East End of Charleston in partnership with the Charleston Daily Mail and Turn Up the Tips. Site visitors can find these restaurant listings on the Bell Law Firm’s blog, which contains up-to-date articles to help and inform those affected by the spill stay abreast of developments in the story as it moves forward.

In addition to the restaurant list, the Bell Law Firm’s site offers resources for small business owners with questions about loss of income and business interruption claims resulting from forced closures due to the tainted water supply. A regularly updated timeline chronicling the progression of the water contamination case is also available.

A business summit organized by the Bell Law Firm is scheduled for live broadcast Wednesday, Feb. 26, on WCHS Channel 8. At this invitation-only event, a panel of legal and financial experts, as well as State Sen. Chris Walters and Delegate Doug Skaff, will field questions from concerned residents and small business owners.

Anyone impacted by the water contamination that may be in need of representation is welcome to contact the Bell Law Firm for a free consultation and urged to explore the resources provided on the site.

The Bell Law Firm PLLC

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