'Charm City' Will Charm Dealers

Together, we all build our industry. One block at a time, we step forward and face the changes with courage and optimism. The industry is continually changing. Each year it faces regulations that could change its whole future. There are testing protocols to follow. Technologies and business management to keep informed of. New suppliers in the arena. And, of course, you have questions regarding your specific business. All of this continues to prove that there is a need for an organization that can bring all of that and each of us together and assist in the changes the industry faces.

This year marks the 30th Water Quality Association Annual Conference and Exhibition, which is being held in Baltimore, Md.—also known as “Charm City”—on March 16–20. This is a big opportunity—one that brings all of these concerns, questions and issues under one roof.

Every March issue I supply our readers with information surrounding the WQA convention and trade show. Highlights this year include the Saturday Business Seminars that will deal with marketing, sales and customer service; Dr. Robert Kriegel as the keynote speaker Thursday morning; the exhibition Thursday and Friday; and the networking event at the Oriole Park/Camden Yards on Thursday night.

The pages of our showguide beginning on page 18 will give you a look at what’s happening at the show and allow you to prepare your schedule to make it the most productive for your needs. Included in the showguide is the schedule of events; special educational sessions and seminars; exhibitor products, news and events; and a brief synopsis on the importance of attending the show and becoming a member.

In addition to our guide in the magazine, we also will feature exhibitors’ products on our website located in the “WQA Spotlight” section. E-mail newsletter subscribers also will have a chance to view these products in the newsletter. If you haven’t signed up already, visit www.wqpmag.com and get your free subscription to the newsletter.

Of course, I can’t leave out the most important highlight—Water Quality Products at booth #411. This year in our booth we are featuring Carl Davidson, president of Sales & Management Solutions and long-time columnist and friend of WQP. I am looking forward to giving attendees the chance to speak with Carl about sales and management. If you have always wanted to discuss something with Carl, now is your chance to stop by and do it in person. The rest of our staff will be at the booth as well, so come by to pick up the magazine, show companion or subscription or learn more about WQP and www.wqpmag.com.

Can’t wait to see you in Baltimore!

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Wendi Hope Bishop is editor of WQP.