Chemical Injection Systems

AXEON Chemical Injection Systems are designed for overall high quality, durability and performance. AXEON provides an array of pump capacities to address applications in areas such as water purification, pollution control, scale prevention and wastewater treatment.

AXEON Chemical Injection Systems are offered with an innovative 30-gal polyethylene chemical tank that features a removable 100-lb-rated tank cover and 22-degree surface for mixer mounting. The tank also includes integral 2- and 1-in. female top connections in addition to a 5-in. inspection port.

To complement this versatile tank, AXEON has included the Pulsafeeder Chem-Tech Series XP pumps in a range of capacities from 4 to 30 gal per day. These pumps offer peristaltic technology that deliver worry-free dosing in a modern design. In addition, an electronic timer module provides a 20:1 turndown control for enhanced flexibility.

Due to their unique combination of components, AXEON Chemical Injection Systems offer the benefits of reliable metering performance, chemical resistant materials and simple installation. For more information on these quality chemical systems, as well as the offering of water treatment solutions, please call 800.320.4074 or visit us online at:
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