Mar 10, 2011

Chester Paul Co. Introduces Record Number of New Products

Variety of products will be exhibited at Aquatech booth #848

Chester Paul Co. introduced more new products at WQA Aquatech USA 2011 than at any other time in its 60-year history. The company will exhibit its new products at booth 848.

Several of the new products are described below:

The Hydrant line pressure 1,000-gal-per-day (gpd) RO system can applied to many applications, including aquatics, hydroponics, food service and residential. It uses high-efficiency membranes and proprietary MemShell Carbon Cartridges, and can deliver up to 1,000 gpd with 60 psi of line pressure.

The Water Station Countertop features push-button dispensing, a high-flow dispense rate, a 1-gal cold tank. At 16.5 in. tall, it has a 10-in. dispense height.

The Water Station II features a 2-gal stainless steel cold tank, an inline UV guard and a 100-gpd RO system. It is available in white or black with brushed steel side panels.

The Water Station III features a 250-gpd RO system and 4 gal of water storage. It can be used to feed other systems through a 3/8-in. RO line-out. It also includes push-button dispensing, an oversized dispensing area, and in-tank UV guard and BioCote, which provide bacteria protection.

Doulton Ceramic Filters offer four filtration steps in one filter cartridge. They are suitable for point-of-use coolers and countertop or under-the-sink systems.