Chile Leads the Way in Latin American Water Management

According to David Wanetick, managing director of The Wall Street Transcript, "Chile has made tremendous strides in privatizing, managing and building out its water infrastructure. Chile promotes water conservation through the use of government-granted vouchers, which pay for an average of 40% of low-income Chileans' water needs. Also, Chile requires developers to build excess water infrastructure, which supports future economic expansion."

Richard Tullo, senior research analyst at Gateway Research Reports, an affiliate of The Wall Street Transcript, said, "One hundred percent of Chilean water is in private hands and today Chile treats 80% of its wastewater, up from 30% pre-privatization levels. One of the keys to Chile's success is that it financed its water infrastructure build-out initiatives internally. Other Latin American countries have experienced set-backs when relying on foreign capital markets and financing build-out initiatives with foreign sources of capital."

Wanetick continued, "We are delighted to host Mr. Jorge Ale, general manager of Aguas Santiago Poniente S.A. & executive of the Enersis Group, as a featured presenter at our Profiting in the Water Industry -- Tapping a Reservoir of Wealth Conference which will take place in San Francisco on December 1, 2005. We believe that Mr. Ale's presentation of a case study of Chile's Success in Managing its Water Industry will provide American investors and water executives a unique opportunity to the learn how to apply Chile's lessons to American operations."

About the Conference:

The conference is being chaired by IncreMental Advantage. It features presentations and panel discussions delivered by CEOs of leading publicly-traded water companies, venture capitalists, regulators, environmental lawyers and securities analysts, as well as a case study on Chilean Water Management.

Speakers include representatives from: Aguas Santiago Poniente S.A.; American States Water Company; California State Water Resources Control Board; California Water Service; Enersis Group; Expansion Capital Partners; Firelake Capital; Foundation Capital; Janney Montgomery Scott; Morrison & Foerster; Pure Cycle Corporation; San Jose Water Company; Southwest Water Company; Stanford Washington Research; Technology Partners; Terrapin Partners, LLC; Underground Solutions; and The York Water Company.

The Wall Street Transcript

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