Apr 09, 2012

Chilean Community Receives Arsenic Treatment System

Source water contains arsenic concentrations above recommended WHO levels

AdEdge Water Technologies recently shipped an arsenic treatment system to the Arica – Pago de Gomez Water Treatment Plant in Chile to reduce arsenic levels of 18 ppb in the water source to below the arsenic maximum contaminant level set by the World Health Organization of 10 ppb.

The AdEdge system design features three skid-mounted treatment units capable of treating up to 1760 gal per minute (gpm) (587 gpm per skid). The AdEdge system will remove arsenic from the groundwater supply using an oxidation/filtration process. A central component of the system is ADGS-Plus media, which is certified to NSF Standard 61. Commissioning and startup of the system is scheduled for early June 2012.