City of Cabot to Build New $9.8 Million Wastewater Treatment Facility

USI-Arkansas Inc. and Burns & McDonnell have announced that the city of Cabot, Ark., has accepted a bid to construct a new wastewater treatment facility.

The bid of approximately $9.8 million was submitted by Max Foote Construction of Mandeville, La. The bid was significantly less than the earlier construction cost projections for the new treatment facility.

The new plant was designed by the partnership of USI out of Little Rock, Ark., and Burns & McDonnell of Kansas City, Mo. The plant replaces the city's existing facility, which had experienced difficulties in achieving the performance required by the city’s discharge permit requirements, and in meeting future growth projections.

USI-Arkansas was awarded a contract as the prime consultant in 2005 to provide design services for the wastewater treatment plant, and will act as lead contract manager during the construction phase. Burns & McDonnell provided engineering design services and technical consulting for the wastewater treatment process components and influent headworks of the new facility.

Portions of the new plant will be built on land reclaimed from an existing sludge storage lagoon. Use of the existing site eliminates the need to modify and relocate the sewer infrastructure. It also allows for continued use of the administrative and support buildings at the existing wastewater treatment plant site. The new plant will utilize ultraviolet disinfection technology, eliminating the need for chlorine-based treatment processes.

The plant is expected to have an average flow of approximately 3 million gallons-per-day with a maximum treatment capacity of 6 million gallons-per-day.

Burns & McDonnell

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