City of Vineland, N.J., Awards Hungerford & Terry $1.4 Million Contract

Contract to remove radium from contaminated city wells

Hungerford & Terry, Inc., has been selected by the city of Vineland, N.J., to design equipment to remove radium from four municipal city wells. All of the systems for the four designated wells are identical in specifications and design, and each one includes two 102-in. diameter exchangers to remove radium.

Prior to this radium removal process, the city of Vineland had been unable to utilize these wells because they exceeded the MCL drinking water regulations for radium.

With the growth of the Vineland, N.J., area and new expansion of its municipal water system, it was essential to bring these wells into compliance in order to meet Vineland’s growing demand for potable water.

Hungerford & Terry, Inc.

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