Oct 24, 2014

Clack Corp. Joins WQRF Campaign as Ambassador Partner

Clack Corp. contributes $50,000 to the Water Quality Research Foundation

Water Quality, Research, Drinking Water, Clack Corporation

Clack Corp. made an Ambassador-level commitment of $50,000 to the Water Quality Research Foundation's (WQRF) Investing in Your Future Campaign. 

With Clack's investment, the WQRF Investing In Your Future Campaign has surpassed 60% of its fundraising goal.

The WQRF Investing Your Future Campaign’s aim is to unify the water quality industry’s corporate visionaries and thought leaders. 

In order to achieve this vision, WQRF is challenging all stakeholders of Water Quality Assn. members, WQRF constituents and the industry at large to make an investment, payable over five years, in their future. A fundraising goal of $2,500,000 over five years was been established to take research efforts to the next level. Throughout the campaign, WQRF encourages the industry to consider what the organization and industry means and to make the most meaningful investment possible.