Nov 08, 2010

ClearWater Tech Announces New Ozone Generator

CD30nx is the newest in the company's line of wall-mounted ozone generators

ClearWater Tech LLC introduced the CD30nx corona discharge ozone generator to its line of wall-mounted ozone generators.

According to ClearWater Tech, the CD30nx is the most advanced ozone generator available today. It has the industry’s first on-board system information and diagnostics LCD display, which provides a seamless user interface to control and monitor ozone production and system diagnostics, and can be displayed in various languages.

The CD30nx allows for universal power input and produces 30 grams per hour at 5% concentration by weight with oxygen feed gas. The new drive circuitry of the CD30nx utilizes ClearWater Tech’s Self-Resonating Technology, which allows the system to automatically adjust for pressure, flow and other potential current variations to optimize ozone output and the system’s electronic stability.

Applications include wastewater, commercial and residential swimming pools, potable water, bottled water production lines, aquariums, water features and larger-volume water stores.