Jun 05, 2013

ClearWater Tech Unveils EcoTex Ozone Website

Site raises awareness of the popularity and acceptance of ozone by companies involved in laundering

ClearWater Tech LLC EcoTex Website Ozone Laundering Benefits

ClearWater Tech LLC has introduced a new website devoted solely to EcoTex — “The Cold Water Catalyst,” for on-premise laundering. A wide range of information can be found at www.ecotexlaundry.com.

The site includes an “About” section that defines what ClearWater Tech is and an introduction to EcoTex. The “Performance” category details how EcoTex works, the diffusion difference, engineering, certifications and installation and service capability.

The “Savings” section makes a statement with raw numbers as examples. In addition to charts itemizing savings of energy, water and labor efficiency, information can be found about utility rebate programs, the impact of facility improvements and a free analysis offer.

When site visitors click on “Applications,” they will learn from firsthand reports how EcoTex has benefitted various hospitality operations, hospitals, senior care facilities and correctional institutions. Many of these customers are having success with EcoTex, along with their current infection control procedures, to combat drug-resistant superbug bacteria such as MRSA and C. difficile, in addition to containing potential virus outbreaks at their facilities.

There are separate sections for “News,” “Contacts” and “Products,” the latter of which itemizes and offers extensive details about the variety of EcoTex packages.