Coca-Cola Donates 1,000 Rain Barrels for Earth Day

Program now helping conserve 60 million gal of water per year

In celebration of Earth Month, Coca-Cola is partnering with River Network to donate more than 1,000 syrup drums to be reused as rain barrels in communities across the country.

Rain barrels are used to capture rainwater and help reduce storm water pollution. Sediment that travels into rivers and streams as a result of storm water runoff can directly impact water quality. By capturing rainwater, these rain barrels eliminate some of that runoff, reducing its impact. Water can then be saved until needed during dry periods to water plants, wash cars and for other non-drinking water needs. Not only does this reduce water usage, but it also saves money.

To date, more than 80 organizations in the U.S. have benefitted from Coca-Cola's rain barrel donation program. These rain barrels have replenished an estimated 100 million gal of water since 2008.

The new rain barrels will help replenish an estimated 60 million gal of water each year—enough to fill 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

"Rain barrels are a tangible and effective way to inspire change to preserve our water resources," said Jon Radtke, water resources director for Coca-Cola Refreshments. "Working with our local partners, we can encourage communities to save water drop by drop, barrel by barrel, and replenish a significant amount of water back into nature."

The Coca-Cola Co.

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